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Lazy Girl Hack to Manifesting

Manifesting made easy

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You have probably heard about manifesting somewhere in your life. Most the time I read all the tips to manifest and I think, “ain’t nobody got time for that”. I’m a busy woman with two jobs and free time is spent working on my business, cuz hard work and dedication can “manifest” to a successful business, am I right?

When the full moon comes around that’s when I hear everyone say, “Now is the time to manifest!” To tell you the truth, I have felt very blah with the winter blues and meditating equals a nice nap right now. So yesterday I decided to just TRY and write down something to release and then to manifest.

Here’s what I did

When you are doing ANY energy work you must release what no longer serves you to make space for something better. It could be an emotion, a mindset, bad habits, or the clutter surrounding you…cluttered house = cluttered mind. Write them down on a sticky note or in a journal.

Then write down just one thing (or many) that you are looking to manifest, for me it was just one thing cuz my mind was pretty blank yesterday. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS is to write it down as if it has already come to pass and write how THANKFUL you are to having received it. As an added bonus, include that you look forward to so much more coming. I mean why close the door on just one thing when you can open your energy to receive more blessings. 

Then choose a crystal to amplify your intention; such as citrine, green aventurine, pyrite, apatite, or really any crystal you have close by will work if you don’t have a lot to choose from, we are keeping it simple here. Place the sticky note with your written manifested desires under the crystal and stand back and let the Universe do its thang. I placed mine on my desk and will probably leave it there for a few weeks or until I’m ready to manifest something else.

I know there will be some mindset coaches pulling their hair out saying, “you forgot this step and what about this over here?!” I left them out because I’m keeping it basic to not overwhelm someone who may suffer anxiety, or someone who is just stressed out with “life”.

I did these exact steps yesterday with the mindset of, “I know I need to try this but I don’t have a lot of effort towards much right now”. Let me know in the comments if this is you right now.

What happened next?

I really was blown away at what happened in my day yesterday. First, I got a second email asking me to join an artist’s market next month, (I got busy and forgot to respond to the first email last week). This tells me they REALLY want me to be there.

I got a letter from the Nielson Ratings with $2 cash in it; this is why you should always open junk mail before ripping and tossing it. ;-)

I’ve needed new glasses and my back could use a chiropractor, so the next letter I found was my new HSA card that I totally forgot expired. So there’s an extra $300 toward things I NEED. Oh and found my new car insurance cards too, that’s money saved if I ever got caught speeding with expired cards. I’m a good girl though, I don’t get caught. :-P

I made a few sales in my shop, I am always thankful for that.

A pendant I worked on that I thought turned out super pretty, had the crystal crack in the oven. (It can happen if there are inclusions). I've been wanting a new pendant for myself and the crack was only on the back of the crystal, so I got a new pendant to wear. Yea! 

I got another invite to an open house next month were I was asked to bring crystals to sell. 

I’d say that’s a pretty amazing outcome for a Lazy Girl Hack to Manifesting.

*Results may vary.

Did the Super Moon have something to do with it? Could be, I tried to write out my intentions right when the moon was at its fullest.

To be honest though, the Universe knows when you’ve been putting so much work into trying to get ahead that any little effort is rewarded as encouragement to keep going and your Spirit Guides are cheering you on. Go ahead and get that tissue, cuz if you’ve been feeling the pressure lately tears are probably flowing. Ok, maybe it’s just super sensitive empath me being grateful.

So try this out and let me know what the Universe sent you. I love hearing success stories!

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