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Restoring Balance this Libra Season

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What’s so special about Libra Season?

Libra is all about finding balance, so if you’ve found yourself exhausted and burning the candle at both ends getting nowhere….it’s time to step back and examine how you want to end 2021.

Libra season comes with a twist this year, it lands in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. So this throws some extra challenges your way. If you are unfamiliar with what Mercury Retrograde is you can check out this blog post.

I have found that no matter how much you try to keep up with the pace of the world, it’ll never be enough. So why not create your own timeline! An affirmation I came up with last night was this;

“I put on my blinders to remove the pressure from the world”.

I have found it’s so easy to beat yourself up for not achieving XYZ by the timeline you hoped for. But what if the timeline you are on is exactly where you need to be to see the bigger picture? What if the struggles you are breaking through right now will help strengthen you for future goals.

It’s always hard to see the forest through the trees, but allow yourself some grace and look back to see all that you have achieved. One of Libra’s weaknesses is being a fighter for everyone else, but sometimes they lose sight of who they are. 

So whether you are a Libra or not, it’s time for some self care, some reflection time, and for re-prioritizing your goals. I give you permission to slow down and catch your breath.

Restore Balance and Peace this Libra Season with these Crystals

I tend to draw on intuition when it comes to connecting with crystals. You can look at Pinterest all day and see long lists of crystals for XYZ but often they lack the depth of why.

Crystals for Libra to help balance your mind and body. Don't let stress reduce your self worth, you are beautiful, capable and worthy!

Your intuition never lies. If you are drawn to something, there’s a reason whether you know it or not. One crystal I was really drawn to was Trolliete. Never heard of it? It’s blue and beautiful!

  • Trolliete is a good stone for awakening and strengthening your connection to your spirit guides. Using Trolliete for journaling or meditation can help you see the overall picture of past and future. She’s called ‘a stone of Ascension’ because she can assist with alignment with your true purpose and can help with manifesting and attracting opportunities. 
  • Self Care wouldn’t be complete without Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is an amazing loving vibrational crystal that everyone should have in their collection. Rose Quartz vibrates at 350 Hz which is the same frequency of Acceptance. When you need a little self-confidence pep talk hold rose quartz close to your heart chakra and feel the stress melt away. She helps give a new perspective when overthinking takes over and emits calm love vibes for those who are learning self-love.
  • Last but not least, FluoriteFluorite comes in so many beautiful colors such as blue, purple, green, pink, yellow, and clear! So choosing the one you are drawn to is the right one for you. Fluorite helps neutralize stress and helps boost self-confidence and enhances decision making. It is a crystal for balance mentally and physically. Everything you need for Libra Season.

One key lesson for this Libra season is to stop being your worst enemy. Call on your spirit guides to gently guide you to where you need to be. If you have a hard time connecting with your spirit guides, try connecting with your higher self by putting your hand on your heart and closing your eyes and just listen. If you get a message coming through I highly recommend writing it down!

One last message is that you are born worthy! You have amazing gifts that you may not realize yet, but in slowing down to listen and meditate will help you find them soon!

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  • Jeni on

    Thank you Mary! Life gets so busy sometimes that just carving out space to think gets pushed by the wayside. Thank you for reading and your review! I hope these tips help. :)

  • Natalie on

    I love the affirmation!!! I definitely need a trolliete!

  • Mary Calame on

    Jen, thanks so much for your insight- sometimes it’s time for self care, and I’m too busy to realize it!
    It’s great to have your perspective on crystals and the connections we make with them, truly a source of joy, visually and spiritually.

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