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How to Crystal Shop for Beginners

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Ever wonder how to pick out crystals that are right for you? Let me teach you a trick, throw out the list that you researched extensively. I know going into a shop blind can be intimidating for newbies but here's the reason why... 

Your body will intuitively know what you need and it will guide you to the right crystal. 

I don't know how many times I go into a crystal shop thinking I'm going to pick up just one specific stone, and yet something else catches my eye. That's the moment you need to go to where you are called and pick up that stone. Hold it in your hand for a moment and just let it talk to you. 

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Give your body a chance to just feel the crystal's energy. 

Every stone has a vibration or a frequency whether you feel it or not. For me I literally feel which chakra the crystal is working on and sometimes it's pretty intense! If you don't feel the stone's vibration (a tingling feeling), just take note of how it makes you feel mentally. Does it give you an uplifting feeling or a sense of grounding?

Once you’ve held a crystal for a few minutes put it down, wait a little bit, then pick it back up. You will most likely get that same feeling back. Do you like the way it makes you feel? If not, just keep moving to another area, it may be too strong for you at that moment or you may feel absolutely nothing. I always try to pick the strongest feeling out of a bunch if there are a few of the same crystal. 

When I first started out I couldn't handle some stones because the energy was too intense for me, but now I love it. Sometimes your body needs time to adjust to the energy of crystals. 

After you find the one that you are drawn to the most and are happy with your selection, look up the properties of that stone and see if it's on point. For me, intuition never lies. ⠀

What if you don’t have a crystal store nearby?

Not every city has a crystal shop nearby, so that’s when you have to use intuition when shopping online. 

Since you usually can’t feel a crystal's energy through a computer screen as a beginner, you will have to depend on your visual senses to find the right crystal. When you are scrolling through a selection of crystals online, take note of what colors and shapes you are drawn to most. 

Crystal colors tend to correlate to your chakras and can have an emotional impact on you, whereas crystal shapes emit energy from a crystal in particular ways. A beginner need not worry about these aspects just yet.  It’s more important to just explore what crystals you are drawn to and see if there’s a common theme from what you pick out.  

For me I am always instantly drawn to blue crystals like aqua aura, blue apatite, blue kyanite, and lapis lazuli. Most of the blue crystals are associated with the throat chakra, which is a chakra that I work on constantly to help me communicate more effectively in person. 

What if you aren’t drawn to any particular color? 

If you are really drawn to one crystal in particular, bookmark it and then google the properties of that stone and see if it helps with an area you are having problems. 

For example, a while back when wandering into a crystal shop I noticed a tiger iron point and I HAD to pick it up. I’ve never noticed this stone before but I knew it was something my body was wanting. Later when I looked up the properties it helped with noise sensitivity and lack of energy. Those were two areas I was struggling with the most at that time. 

When buying crystal jewelry in store or online, use these same principles in selecting the right piece for you. Some jewelry makers don’t want you touching all the pieces when at a local market, so that’s when using visual intuition comes in handy. 

Sometimes you can be drawn to a piece of jewelry because of an intention the maker has put into it. Spark up a conversation with the maker and let them tell you the story of why they love that piece. There may be a special meaning behind it. 

Don’t over complicate the process, just trust your instincts and let the energy of crystals guide you to the right purchase. Because sometimes crystals pick you instead of the other way around. ;-) 

I’m curious about how your first experience in a crystal store was. I felt very awkward and on the spot, so if you feel that way to because of your lack of knowledge about crystals, you aren’t alone. 

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful to you and also what crystals you are drawn to the most. Feel free to check out our selection of crystals and see if anything instantly draws you in. 

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  • Terri on

    I have found myself drawn to a compound of Crystal’s I have 2 one is heart shaped and the other is a palm stone. Each has a stone for each of the 7 chakras. Am I drawn because I need to unblock all my chakras??

  • Natalie on

    Love this piece 💕💕💕

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