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Hello, Welcome to Essentially Chi Metaphysical Crystal Shop!

My name is Jeni, I opened my shop back in 2017 and you might say I'm a little obsessed with crystals.

I'm also obsessed with animals! I am a bunny mama of a Holland Lop named Huckleberry and love to support animal rescue groups where I can. With every sale, $1 is donated to Viva Global Rescue to help rescue animals have a second chance. 

Not only do I have a love for crystals, but a love for life in general!

My many interests are photography, energy healing, essential oils, manifestation, astrology, personal development, Human Design, natural medicine, animal welfare coupled with rehabilitation, and healing chronic pain naturally. The list grows daily...

I am a survivor of severe fibromyalgia, recovering from domestic abuse, and work daily on becoming a better version of myself to help others live a fulfilling life.

Through all the challenges I've faced in my life, I've felt they were for the higher good of being able to help others who need guidance and for someone who understands and have walked in their shoes.

I feel nobody is insignificant in this world but all have a greater purpose. I want to help you unlock your magic!

If you have any questions or wish to have a closer look at any particular crystal you can reach out via email or on my Instagram where I have monthly Live Sales, share my crystal knowledge and display my love of photography and crystals!  

If you are not a fan of social media, you can sign up for my newsletter were I share about how crystal can help in your daily life, crystals for the zodiac seasons, and personal development nuggets of gold to improve your mindset. Plus you get a 15% off coupon code upon subscribing! 

Thank you for visiting my crystal shop and I hope you find the perfect crystal for all your spiritual needs!

~Jeni Hughes

Jeni from Essentially Chi - Owner and Educator 💗 Huckleberry Bunny - Bossy Pants