How to Crystal Shop for Beginners

Ever wonder how to pick out crystals that are right for you? Let me teach you a trick, throw out the list of what you researched before shopping.  I know for newbies going into a shop, that can be intimidating but here's the reason why...  Your body intuitively knows what you need and it will guide you to the right crystal.  ⠀ I don't know how many times I go into a crystal shop thinking I'm going to pick up just one specific stone, and yet something else catches my eye. That's the moment you need to go to where you...

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Top 5 Crystals for Manifesting Abundance

    Crystals are a powerful force of nature, and when combined in a grid they magnify energy on a deeper level. I created a grid for manifesting abundance, because who couldn't use a little more here and there.  I’m not just talking about money, although that would be awesome. I’m talking about abundance internally by removing any energetic obstacles.  Let’s break it down:  Jade - This crystal is set in the center because it promotes long term abundance. Not the get rich quick kinda abundance. It helps promote good luck and friendship, aka it helps work on those networking skills. Jade...

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