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Easy Meditation for Busy People

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Have you ever meditated and felt like you're missing something?

Here is a quick and easy light grounding meditation that will help shift your energy fast and is super easy to follow. This year has been stressful for many so I want to help you stay grounded, calm and collected through it all. Use this meditation when you feel like your world is spinning out of control. 

Light grounding is a way to relax the mind, tap into your subconscious, and reprogram the way you think. 

Your body holds energy in a mass, which some call your aura, and it can change based on the way you view life. Some people have an aura that is very warm, open, and inviting. They are open to receive and exchange energy easily, whereas there are others who have a very tight and constricted aura that basically comes off as a dark cloud following them. People who have a constricted or blocked aura tend to be closed off to receiving help or guidance. 

People with a constricted aura face challenges with a victim mentality and look at life as if everything is happening TO them. Whereas people who have an open aura often look at life's issues as if things are happening FOR them. This meditation is a way to help remove the subconscious blocks that constrict the aura and help energy flow freely through your body. I'm sure there are other ways to practice this meditation, but this is the method I use.

Easy Meditation for Busy People to help shift your energy fast and is super easy to follow.

Let's Start the Meditation

Sit comfortably with all distractions removed, turn your phone on airplane mode, go in the bathroom with the fan on if you have kids, and make sure your dog or cat isn't going to pounce on you. Now close your eyes and breath deep until you are relaxed. Distractions will come up, but just focus on your breathing right now. 

To start, imagine a white light from Source, whatever yours may be, coming down from above you. Let the light penetrate through your head or crown chakra bringing in truth and abundance. Let that light just radiate inside your head for a little bit to help you understand the truth of who you are. Now move the light down to your eyes so you can see the truth, and know that you are supported and safe. Then continue moving the light to your ears so you can hear guidance, then allow the light to enter your throat area to create a pathway for the light to connect from your heart to your head. 

Now let the light enter your heart so you can feel the truth and abundance. Keep moving the light down and let the light penetrate into the solar plexus to help remove all lower emotions of guilt and shame. Now move the light into your stomach area and to help wash away any disempowerment you feel. Continue moving the light to your root area to help you stand in your new reality, then move the light to your feet, then down into the center of the planet. Let that sink in for a bit and breath. At this moment you are now grounded. When I do this, I feel supportive roots wrapping around me like a warm hug. 

As Above So Below

Now you want to start moving that light up from the center of the earth and move it up into your root chakra and then through all parts of the body. You can move that light up at a pace that feels right to you. After the light passes through the crown chakra, keep the light continuing to the heavens. Your whole body should be full of light. You are now connected from above and below.

Now take that light and expand it past the room you're in, past your house, past your country, past the oceans...past the world...past all the planets and all the way till you reach Source. (Whatever Source energy may be to you). Once you reach Source, take a deep breath and let that feeling sink in. 

Now start to recognize the first block or negative feeling that pops into your head, you can sit with this for a moment and reflect when was the first time you felt this negative energy? Was it when you were younger? Now point to an area of your body where it feels the heaviest, I want you to fill that area with a lot of light and say this mantra, 

“I clear and transmute all negative energy across all time, space, dimension, and reality”. 

We are removing this bad feeling from your aura and replacing it with light energy from Source. Continue to find the root of where your emotional pain resides and continue rooting out those negative energies by doing the steps above, and then fill that space with light. Whenever you remove one thing, you want to fill it with something positive. 

Now imagine what would make you the happiest, supported, abundant, and loved. Bring those feelings into your life by saying this statement,

"I am so very grateful and thankful for (things you're grateful for)". 

Say 10 different things you are grateful for, starting each with "I am so very grateful and thankful for...". You are creating a new reality for yourself when you start this mantra in an I AM statement. You are telling your body that these things or feelings have already been obtained and are now bringing it back into focus. Breath deep until you feel totally relaxed...then open your eyes. 

Whenever I practice this meditation it usually brings up a lot of tears. It’s ok to cry, that’s your body’s way to release more energy. Also drink LOTS of water, it will help clear more emotions that come up afterwards and wash it all away.

Once you practice this meditation a few times it should only take about 10 minutes to perform. Get used to the two mantras of clearing and thankfulness because you can use those in so many areas to clear your aura of negative energy, sometimes I say them while I'm driving, the car seems to be the best meditation box available. I also love to say the clearing mantra when I burn sage to clear energy from my living space. 

Some good crystals to use while meditating are Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz in your left hand and Selenite in your right. This helps with the energetic flow and clearing negative energy and transmuting it into positive. 

If you try this, let me know how you feel afterwards. If you love this Meditation, please Pin it on Pinterest to help spread positive energy throughout the world! :)

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    Thank you for this. I am working on meditating, any advice is helpful!

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