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Shungite Tumble Stone
Shungite Tumble Stone
Shungite Tumble Stone

Shungite Tumble Stone

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Sungite is known as the Miracle Stone and can help clear all the chakras. Its grounding abilities are one of my all-time favorites for those who deal with stress on a daily basis. It's a carbon-based mineral that is the most in tune with our own carbon-based bodies. 

Shungite is a unique and relatively rare mineral that is primarily found in Russia, specifically in the Karelia region near Lake Onega. This region, which is located in the northwestern part of Russia, is the primary source of high-quality shungite.

Shungite tumble stones can be carried in your pocket, placed in your home or workplace, used during meditation, or incorporated into energy healing practices. They are versatile and easy to integrate into your daily life, offering both physical and metaphysical benefits. Embrace the power of shungite and experience the positive changes it may bring to your well-being and surroundings.

You will receive ONE shungite tumble stone intuitively selected. Approximately 1" in length.

Shungite Metaphysical Properties:

  1. EMF Protection: Shungite is renowned for its ability to shield against electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, and Wi-Fi routers. Placing a shungite tumble stone near your electronic devices or carrying one with you may help mitigate the potential harmful effects of EMF exposure.

  2. Grounding and Balancing: Shungite is associated with the root chakra, making it a grounding stone that can help you stay connected to the Earth's energy. It promotes stability, balance, and a sense of security, making it beneficial during times of stress or anxiety.

  3. Spiritual Growth: Shungite is said to enhance spiritual growth and evolution by opening and aligning the higher chakras. It may facilitate a deeper connection to one's intuition, higher self, and spiritual guides.

  4. Protection and Shielding: Many people use shungite as a protective talisman. It is believed to create a protective shield around the wearer, deflecting negative energies and psychic attacks.

*Inclusions and imperfections are typical with natural crystals. All images are pictured without color enhancement so you can see the true colors of the crystal.

Be sure to always clear your crystals with selenite for optimal use. 

*If you are looking for something in particular, but just can't find it, please contact me! I have lots in stock not listed on the website yet. 

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