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Tiamat Sand Dollar Diffuser Necklace

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Tiamat is a beautiful sparkling sand dollar or also referred to by its scientific name, "Spatangoida".  Tiamat is named after the primordial goddess of the salt sea and known as the glistening one. She's adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals and is completely hand made. No molds are ever used in my designs. 

Her chain sparkles with moonstone, iridescent blue faceted beads, and double sided sun and moon talismans.  She also includes lava diffuser beads so that you can apply your favorite essential oil to allow the sweet aroma to stay with you throughout the day. 

Since sand dollars are usually found along the beach, she would be best paired with Cypress Essential Oil, which is the Oil of Motion and Flow. 

Cypress Oil helps to promote circulation within the body and is a powerful oil to help move stagnate lower vibrating energy out of the body so you can flow freely through life. It helps promote trust and flexibility in this ever turbulent world. 

To apply the oils, just rub a drop of pure essential oils on the diffuser beads and the smell lasts throughout the day. If you are interested in pairing this necklace with cypress essential oil, please contact me as I'd be delighted to assist you.

This gorgeous necklace comes to you on a nickel free silver toned chain that hangs just above the heart chakra. Let this beautiful piece adorn not only your body, but also your soul. 

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