Selenite Sphere Stand
Selenite Sphere Stand
Selenite Sphere Stand
Selenite Sphere Stand

Selenite Sphere Stand

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Beautiful high-quality selenite sphere stand. This nice thick sphere stand is perfect for medium to larger spheres to rest on and clear the residual energy from your crystals. One side of this stand also has a notch cut out to allow access for a cord if you wanted to add a light under transparent spheres.  

This listing is for one selenite plate weighing about 11 ounces. Each one varies in diameter and thickness, approximately 89mm diameter and 1" thick. Inside diameter approx 40mm.

Selenite Properties 

Selenite crystals are powerful at cleansing stagnate negative energy. This is one of the most powerful crystals you can own and often overlooked for that ability. 

Do you want to know how to use selenite? When you are feeling low energy use selenite like a sword to cut energetic cords by waving it over your chakras (energy points of the body). Selenite helps activate the third eye and crown chakras when used during meditation. 

You can also use selenite to cleanse the energy of other crystals by simply placing the crystals next to or on the selenite after a long day's use of your favorite crystal or jewelry pieces. 

Selenite can help connect you to the angelic realm, it is a crystal that helps promote clarity of mind, radiates divine light, and absorbs negative energy.

Selenite is a water-soluble crystal so make sure to never get it wet. Selenite never needs to be "cleansed", but if you feel the need to, use the smoke from Palo santo or sage to cleanse the selenites energy. Charging selenite under a full moon will also help amplify selenites healing energy. 

Purchase selenite to help clear your life of unwanted stagnate energy and for an easy way to cleanse negative energy from your favorite crystals or jewelry pieces. 

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