Raw Clear Quartz Bundle - essentialchijewelry
Raw Clear Quartz Bundle - essentialchijewelry

Raw Clear Quartz Bundle

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Raw clear quartz points available in bundle sets of 50 grams each. These are great for jewelry making, adding to grids, or to amplify the properties of nearby crystals. 

You will receive one bundle of 50 grams, each bundle will vary from three to five crystals per bundle. If you are using them for jewelry making, feel free to send me a message so I can choose the larger crystal bundle for you. Each raw crystal is approx 1" in length. 

Clear Quartz Properties 

Clear Quartz helps in many areas and is known as the "master healer". Clear Quartz helps bring clarity of mind for those dealing with brain fog, it helps improve concentration, and it also aids in memory retention. 

Clear Quartz also has the ability to amplify the effects of other crystals, so adding clear Quartz to a crystal grid brings powerful energy into your space. 

Be sure to always clear your crystals with selenite for optimal use. 

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