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Que Sera Bat Cabochon
Que Sera Bat Cabochon
Que Sera Bat Cabochon
Que Sera Bat Cabochon
Que Sera Bat Cabochon

Que Sera Bat Cabochon

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Que Sera has an unusual vibration that makes it a very unique crystal. The Que sera stone is also known as Llianite, a variety of Rhyolite and Vulcanite.

It can help you cleanse your body of negativity and balance your emotions. A healing stone both energetically and physically. It can also protect against EMF’s. 

This listing is for ONE que sera bat. Each bat is approximately 45g and measures 3in by 2in by .43in size. These are natural crystals and vary in size and weight. 

Que Sera Properties

You may have heard the song “Que Sera Sera”. This means “whatever will be will be” or “what it can be”. There are similar properties in the stone with positivity and an uplifting spirit especially for anyone depressed or stressed. This stone can help you live how you desire to be instead of being stuck in lower vibrations. It holds a lot of transformative energy.

A good stone for meditation as it can help you create your reality. It’s a fun stone that can help you lighten up in so many ways. It’s a great stone for past trauma, overcoming procrastination, daily stressors, opening the third eye, protection, finding your way, and to connect with your guides. Ask questions and you will receive the answers with Que Sera.

A good pocket stone for helping guide you on your path forward through the darkness. And a good stone for any physical blockages you think your body might have. Place it on those meridians.

It can be used at all chakras. Astrological Zodiac Sign: Cancer and Aquarius

Be sure to always clear your crystals with selenite for optimal use. 

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