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Palo Santo Incense

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This listing is for one box of Palo Santo Incense. Each box is 15 grams and contains approximately 11 sticks. 

Palo Santo incense is a convenient way to cleanse your space of unwanted energy that you can light and walk away and let it do it's magic. 

If you were looking for ways to keep your crystals high vibe, Palo Santo is one of the best ways to clear negative collected energy. When you wear crystal jewelry, it acts as a filter and collects energy good and bad. So cleansing your spiritual tools is needed to keep them working at their highest vibes. 

Smudging has been around for thousands of years and is in my opinion a therapeutic practice. ⠀

What is smudging? It's a method used to clear your living space and crystals of unwanted energy using the smoke from a kindled Palo Santo. The smoke from Palo Santo actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can help lower stress levels. 

Palo Santo, is similar to sage smudging but a very different smell if you like kindled wood smell as opposed to the pungent smell of sage. The main difference between the two is that sage removes all energy good and bad whereas Palo Santo only removes the bad energy.