Opalite Bat Cabochon
Opalite Bat Cabochon
Opalite Bat Cabochon
Opalite Bat Cabochon

Opalite Bat Cabochon

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Are you ready for Halloween?! This opalite bat can make you feel that childlike joy again.

Opalite is a very calming and soothing stone that gives off a serene vibe. A stone of love for the faithful. It can help form lasting romantic relationships. It’s also a great stone for anyone that suffers from anxiety, stress and depression. 

If you need some more childlike glee and to appreciate the simple joys of life then this is the stone for you. It can help you look more at the bright side of life and remain young at heart.

She weighs 19g and has a wingspan of 2.3", 1" tall and is 0.4" thick. 

Opalite Properties

Made from glass, Opalite is a manmade stone. It’s a very summer-like stone with it’s blue sheen. It can make you feel childlike glee, lighthearted and joyful. A great stone for new beginnings and clear blue sky thinking.

It’s a great stone for meditation because it is so calming yet highly energetic. It helps with communication especially in the spiritual realm. Opalite helps with transitions of any kind in life. It can help remove energy blockages of the chakras and meridians. 

Chakra alignment is crown and third eye. Astrology is cancer.

Want to make sure your crystals always stay cleansed of negative energy? Be sure to add selenite to your order. 

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