Labradorite Sphere 45mm - essentialchijewelry
Labradorite Sphere 45mm - essentialchijewelry

Labradorite Sphere 45mm

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This labradorite fits comfortably in your hand and is great during meditation or channeling . It has a nice earthy color to it with flashes of blue and pink. 

Comes with sphere stand and free gift with purchase. 

Weighs 6.74 oz. 45mm

Labradorite Properties 

Labradorite is a stone for self-discovery and for awakening one's own awareness of the inner spirit. It helps to build intuition and psychic abilities, and can calm an overactive mind and energizes the imagination. 

It is an uplifting crystal, helping to banish fears and insecurities while enhancing faith and reliance in oneself and trust in the universe.