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Fawn Brecciated Jasper and Serpentine Jade Wrap Bracelet

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Fawn Brecciated Jasper and Serpentine Jade Wrap Bracelet 

Fawn is a beautiful earth toned wrap bracelet made up of brecciated Jasper and serpentine Jade beads. It's base is stretchy wire that fits any wrist size. Wear this bracelet during meditation or paired with your favorite boho outfit for the ultimate enlightenment experience. 

Brecciated Jasper Properties 

Brecciated Jasper is a stone of strength helping to bring mental clarity, focus, and removing negativity. Its a combination of red jasper and hematite and carries both properties as a protection stone and grounding stone. It's also great for helping to remember your dreams. 

Jasper is also a good stone for blocking electromagnetic frequencies and radiation that come in the modern world of wifi and cell phones. EMF's can disrupt patterns of sleep and confuse your thought process, so having a barrier to absorb that energy is much needed in today's society. 

Serpentine Jade Properties 

Serpentine Jade is known for its snake skin like pattern and is excellent for Kundalini meditation. It's also referred to as "New Jade" and is perfect for grounding by calming an overworked mind and clearing the crown chakra of emotional imbalances. It's associated with the zodiac Gemini and is great for manifestation. 

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