Elements Thumb Stone Set - essentialchijewelry
Elements Thumb Stone Set - essentialchijewelry
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Elements Thumb Stone Set

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If you are drawn to the zodiac elements, this is the set for you. Each element in the zodiac is powerful for unlocking the hidden potential within you. 

Earth signs tend to be the go-getters that are great at business and thrive off of stability and routine. Green aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and is perfect for those earth signs to purge old habits that aren't allowing them to achieve their goals and gives them the confidence to embrace changes. 

Air sign strengths are the ability to communicate and are usually very social people. Clear quartz being a high vibe crystal can match that energy while also absorbing the negative vibes that are picked up while socializing with many people. 

Water signs can be highly intuitive and very sensitive. Sometimes they can go so far into their own head they lose track of how to communicate with others.  Blue aventurine is the perfect crystal to help stimulate the third eye and the throat chakra and maintain a healthy balance. 

Fire signs are my favorite, being a sun and moon fire element myself. The root chakra is definitely a key focus for most fire signs and can tend to swing out of balance very easily with addictions, and needing constant stimulation. Red Jasper is a wonderful grounding crystal for the root chakra to channel that fiery energy toward persuits that allow you to thrive. 

Even if your sun sign (the common zodiac sign people are familiar with) you may have other elements in your natal chart that these element crystals can help balance out. 

Element signs are also good for spell casting and crystal grids, and scrying.

This listing is for one elements thumb stone set containing 4 crystals. 

Approx 1.5" x 1" size for each crystal. These are natural crystals and vary in size and weight. 

To keep your crystals cleared of stagnate energy I recommend selenite, which is a purifying crystal. 

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