Tumbles Chakra Set Bundle Bag
Tumbles Chakra Set Bundle Bag

Tumbles Chakra Set Bundle Bag

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Are you looking for an easy to carry chakra set? This set includes 7 cute square & tumbled stones, plus a raw clear quartz point in a pretty organza bag.

As an added bonus you will also get two surprise crystals which are my most highly requested crystals. 😍 If you look closely, you can see them under the snowflake pouch. 😉

What's in the bag

African Hematite Tumble - grounding stone

Mookaite Cube - Root Chakra

Sunstone Tumble - Sacral Chakra

Flower Agate Cube - Solar Plexus Chakra

Rose Quartz Cube - Heart Chakra 

Amazonite Cube - Throat Chakra

Sodalite Cube - Third Eye Chakra 

Clear Quartz Raw Point - Crown Chakra 

Plus two beautiful mystery crystals. 😍

**Each bag includes natural crystals that vary in shape, size, and color. So each bag has its own unique set. 

Square Cube Crystal Shape Meaning

Cube shaped crystals are perfect for grounding. If you are needing some grounding lately, (who couldn't?), try placing cube shaped crystals in each hand while meditating. The cube shape can help connect you to Earth's energy. 

Also placing cube crystals in each corner of your room can help protect your space. I find square crystals to be useful if you are looking to align your chakras, their flat surface sits nicely on your body while laying down.

Tumbled Stone Meaning

Tumble stones are tiny but mighty! Their rounded shape helps emit energy in many different directions and they are travel size! When you don't want to break the tips of your crystal points or carry a giant sphere around in your purse, tumble stones come to the rescue.

Tumble stones fit perfectly in your purse, pocket, and even can hide in your bra to help raise your vibe all day long. Just don't forget about them at the end of the day. 😉 I always get surprised when they fall to the floor when putting jammies on. 😂

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