Blue Apatite Pendulum

Blue Apatite Pendulum

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This Listing is for One Blue Apatite Pendulum intuitively selected for you.

Crystal sizes range from 1.13" to 1.75" long. Chain length is 7.5" long. 

Did you know that blue apatite is called the stone of Manifestation?! This gorgeous crystal is magical, and having it as a pendulum even enhances that magic by getting clear answers!

Blue Apatite is connected with the throat chakra (as I clear my throat just looking at it). 💠

It helps in developing your psychic gifts, deepens meditation, clarifies communication, and enhances self-expression. 🤸‍♀️

She increases motivation, enhances creativity, clears confusion and frustration, also encourages health eating. 🥗 (It wouldn't be named Apatite for nothing!).


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