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Black Tourmaline Crystal Chips - essentialchijewelry

Black Tourmaline Crystal Chips

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Black Tourmaline crystal chips are perfect for use in crystal grids, air plant decorations, or setting your phone on at night to help minimize radio waves disrupting your sleep. 

Black Tourmaline is associated with the zodiac Capricorn, and the root chakra. 

Each bag weighs 30 grams. This listing is for ONE bag. These are not drilled. 

Black Tourmaline Properties

Black tourmaline is a very protective crystal and is a must-have in your spiritual toolkit. 

Black tourmaline helps to ward off negative energy, is used as a psychic shield, and helps guard against electromagnetic smog also known as EMF'S. 

When chaos overrides your day, grab for your black tourmaline and transmute the negative energy into peace, love, and light. Black tourmaline is also very good at neutralizing one's own negative thought process. 

**Black tourmaline is NOT safe for internal use; such as in water elixirs, bath rituals, or essential oil blends. Do not use any crystals other than natural quartz such as clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst in consumable or topical products. 

Want to make sure your crystals always stay cleansed of negative energy? Be sure to add selenite to your order. 

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