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Angel Aura Quartz Mini Sphere
Angel Aura Quartz Mini Sphere
Angel Aura Quartz Mini Sphere
Angel Aura Quartz Mini Sphere

Angel Aura Quartz Mini Sphere

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These angel aura quartz mini spheres have a super beautiful shimmer with fun rainbows inside. The sphere shape generates energy in all directions, so if you are looking for a calming vibe, these spheres are for you.

Are you a lover of all things rainbows? If yes, Angel Aura Quartz is for you! It got its name for the connection that it brings to higher, angelic realms. It may also be called opal aura quartz.

Angel Aura Quartz is all about uplifting energy, joy, and happiness. It's a high vibrational stone. It helps clear a foggy mind and brings inner peace. This crystal may be the push you need to staying on the path to your dreams. It can spur transformation and action. A good crystal to have with you at all times. Keep these in your pocket.

  • Large sphere size is approximately 22mm and weighs 20g.
  • Small Sphere size is approximately 16mm and weighs 10g.

With this listing, you will receive ONE mini sphere

*The aura treatment on these mini spheres uses the electroplated method.

**Selenite bowl not included, but you can find one here

Angel Aura Properties

Angel Aura helps enhance intuition and psychic abilities and is a very calming crystal for those who suffer anxious feelings or are on the spectrum. 

The rainbow color in Angel Aura can also help in aligning all of the chakras, opening your crown to higher realms. It brings clear, white light into the body. It purifies and balances the body.

It can clear energy blocks, bring a sense of greater connections with others, see new paths forward especially in meditation, bring more joy, and nourish your heart chakra with more positivity.

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Be sure to always clear your crystals with selenite for optimal use. 

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