To become an affiliate:
Have an active Paypal account. This is how you will be paid each month. 

You'll be paid in US Dollars.

How it all works:
You will be provided with a specific promotion code that your audience will use. When they use this specific promo code, you get paid. 

When the person you send to our site ( uses your unique promo code at checkout, you'll be instantly credited for that sale.

Payments are made to you the 1st of every month via Paypal.

How would I get my audience to use this promo code once they come to your site?
When they use your specific promo code, they save 10% on their purchases. Link to our site, tell them to use your promo code, and they save on every order. Highlight on this!

As an affiliate, what's in it for me?
 Well, every time a person uses your code, YOU make 10% on the sale.

They save 10%, and you make 10%. It's a Win-Win.

What if the customer comes back to the site a week later to buy a product and uses my promo code?
You will still be credited. You'll be credited anytime they use your promo code.

Is there an expiration date on the promo code?
No expiration date. As long as they use your code, you get paid, for life.

How do I join to become an affiliate and receive my unique promo code?     Go to our contact form, and tell us you're interested. We'll get to know you, and offer you a promo code via the email address you provide.

Is there anything else I should know about?

Nope. It's as easy as that!