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Snowflake Obsidian Bracelet

Snowflake Obsidian Bracelet

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This listing is for one Snowflake Obsidian stretch bracelet. The beads are about 8mm and the bracelet is about 7.5 inches around. I will intuitively choose one for you. 

Snowflake Obsidian Properties

Snowflake Obsidian helps balance and purify body, mind, and spirit. It helps you recognize and release “wrong thinking” and stressful mental patterns. This stone activates your root and third eye chakras, enhancing one's psychic abilities, especially that of past life recall.

If you deal with absent-mindedness or have trouble focusing, snowflake obsidian can help slow your thoughts down to process and bring you back to reality. If you are trying to break a habit, this is the crystal to help you achieve that! 

*Inclusions and imperfections are typical with natural crystals. All images are pictured without color enhancement so you can see the true colors of the crystal.

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