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Goldstone Bracelet

Goldstone Bracelet

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This listing is for one Goldstone stretch bracelet. The beads are about 8mm and the bracelet is about 7.5 inches around. I will intuitively choose one for you. 

Goldstone Meaning

Goldstone crystal helps you get out of your head and back down to earth. This powerful grounding stone is a must-have for those moments when you feel overwhelmed by toxic emotions and negative thought patterns.

It's a manmade stone whose sparkle comes from metallic compounds such as cobalt, manganese, or chromium oxide.

Goldstone is a protective stone, bouncing back any unwanted energy you don’t want in your energetic field.

Goldstone is meant for people who want more ambition and drive to achieve their goals. It is believed to reduce tension and encourage a more positive attitude.

*Inclusions and imperfections are typical with natural crystals. All images are pictured without color enhancement so you can see the true colors of the crystal.

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